#324. I Got Mugged at Gunpoint

Well, this sucks. 
Well, this sucks.

I got mugged last night at gunpoint.

For context: I went to the Brave New Workshop Christmas show last night (great show, btw) with three girl friends. After the show, we had a drink at the bar down the street from my house. At midnight, we starting walking home, together. A block and a half from my house, three men approached us, each of them pulling out a gun.

Oh shit.

You know, I’ve always wondered how I’d react in a situation like this. Would I just hand over my purse? Could I defend myself if need be? Would I run? Would I cry?

As it turns out, I hit the deck, somehow belly flopping on the sidewalk. One of the gun wielding A-holes sternly stated, “Give me your purse. Where’s your phone?” In my purse, I think I said calmly-ish.

Within 15 seconds, the guys were gone. One of my friends had her phone in her coat pocket (LUCKY!), and called the police. An officer met us at my house and got all our information. Then, he left and us girls at my house, where we cancelled our credit cards, tried to track our iPhones and couldn’t stop saying holy shit.

Obviously, the most important thing is that we’re safe.

OBVIOUSLY. But if I am really being honest, once I realized we were still alive/okay and saw the guys run away with our purses, all I was really thinking about was the inconvenience of having my ID, credits cards, phone and stupid purse (that I really, really liked a lot) stolen. One second before Christmas. And the lifelong feeling of being unsafe in my neighborhood? Ugh, it’s so, so sad.

It’s the dumbest!

I mean, really? Mugged at gunpoint. I can’t even. Sometimes you don’t need to seek out the scary stuff. It finds you, whether you like it or not.

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Comments (15)

  • Tyler 6 years ago Reply

    That’s unreal. Glad to see you’re okay! I couldn’t imagine what that would be like. I don’t think about it often but I guess I would probably just be cooperative for the most part.. Lot’s of things happening like this lately around here. It’s no good. Can’t believe it.

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    I know! I was reminded by one of the friends I was with that I said, "You’ve got to be f@#$ing kidding me" to the guy aiming a gun at me. For some reason, it makes me a little satisfied that I remained some composure (even though I ended up on the ground… i really have no idea how I ended up on the ground!).

  • Marj Weir 6 years ago Reply

    I don’t think the "do one thing every day that scares you" meant this! Wow, I just never think it happens in Mpls… Is your phone password protected? Now I’m very glad mine is.

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    It doesn’t really mean that, but hey, it happens. I guess a lot more often than I realized. Phone definitely password protected. 🙂

  • Jenny 6 years ago Reply

    Holy shit! I live in DC and am constantly worrying about being mugged when I walk home alone, but I hadn’t even considered it happening when I’m with other people. I’m so glad you’re okay!

  • Paige 6 years ago Reply

    I’m so happy you’re safe. I’d honestly probably lose control of my bodily functions. I would also be very angry in the aftermath. I’m going to give you a big hug when I next see you, Molly!

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    Aw, thanks Paige. I may have peed. I really can’t remember, it all happened so fast.

  • creole wisdom 6 years ago Reply

    So frightening 🙁 I had a friend who got mugged in the driveway of her south mpls home… crime like that is quite rare here, but when it happens it’s still unnerving. I’m just glad you are safe! Whew!

  • Kathryn 6 years ago Reply

    Yikes, I’m so sorry this happened. So scary!

  • Jordan Dockendorf 6 years ago Reply

    This gave me chills. I’m really sorry you had to experience this and that what those a-holes really robbed you of was your sense of security. Last week at yoga someone’s purse was stolen. I used my phone to track hers and after 45 minutes of chasing it throughout south Minneapolis, we located the guy (based on an eyewitness’ description) eating at a McDonalds. The police came and arrested the man (super exciting and satisfying!!). She got her phone back but he had ditched everything else – car keys, apartment keys, cards, checks, cash, ID, etc. the officers tried to get him to reveal the location of the purse but he, of course, wouldn’t cooperate. We spent another hour looking in garbage cans and dumpsters in every place the phone location had pinged but no luck.

    Anyway, hugs to you and big props for remaining so calm. I would have lost it! Those three losers have what’s coming to them because from what I hear – karma’s a real bitch 😯

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    You should be a private detective! That is a crazy story! And you’re right. Karma is a bitch.

  • Sarge in Charge 6 years ago Reply

    HOLY HELL. This is terrifying and I am so glad you all were okay. But totally understand that the gratitude at being safe doesn’t necessarily cancel out the pure frustration of replacing all your stuff AND the unease you will always have on that block now…

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    Amen to that! I just got my first credit card in the mail. Slowly but surely piecing it all back together. Still scared just walking down the street though. 😉

  • Ashley 6 years ago Reply

    So happy you are safe! That is so scary. I am thankful that I never had an experience like this while I lived in NYC. I’m sorry this happened so close to your house; I agree that feeling unsafe in your own neighborhood is the worst outcome of this event. SO glad you are safe and stayed relatively calm!!

  • April H 6 years ago Reply

    I saw this on Facebook a few days ago but I just got to actually read the post, been so busy moving. That is so scary and I’m glad you guys are ok! I had a purse stolen a few years back, my fault I left it unattended, but I was at a place where I felt comfortable. Anyway having to cancel the cards and everything was such a pain. And have a new car key made. That is too bad that this happened so close to your house. I hope despite that experience you have a happy and merry Christmas and you never encounter such a thing ever again!

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