How to Give Fear A Workout

Giving fear a workout is almost as scary as CrossFit. 
Giving fear a workout is almost as scary as CrossFit.

When Melissa Joulwan asked me if I’d put together a guest post for her blog, I think the words of course! fell out of my mouth before I even had a moment to think. And by fell out of my mouth, I mean I typed them.


I wrote the post kind of awhile ago, so I was a little apprehensive to re-read what’d I’d written. Sometimes I read old stuff and immediately feel embarrassed. I SAID WHAT??? But then I did read it and was weirdly inspired by my own story.

I can’t believe the stuff I’ve convinced myself to do, with glee! I’ve overhauled my attitude and sense of adventure. In fact, a few weeks ago, my doctor offered to give me a turbo shot of ibuprofen to ease my flu pains. I said, Sure!,  followed by a, I’m so excited!

Normally, I’d start sweating immediately at the thought of getting a shot in my left hip. But I truly was excited. I can’t even being to explain it; I think I’ve literally changed my brain.

In a good way!

As we approach this fabulous weekend (it feels like spring in Minneapolis, but I know better than to get too used to the weather), try something new. Do something you normally wouldn’t. Embrace something that makes you anxious and tell yourself I’m so excited! Because maybe you will be.

* * *

If you also have a life crush on Melissa Joulwan, read about how she quit doing something she though defined her (but was actually making her sick!).

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