We’re Honeymooning in Australia & New Zealand. Suggestions, Please!

This is probably a picture of Hawaii or something, but it's how I imagine Australia looks.
This is probably a picture of Hawaii or something, but it’s how I imagine Australia looks.

My hubby and I decided to wait a few months to take our honeymoon. Mainly because we wanted to go to Australia and mainly because when it’s freezing cold in Minnesota, it’s summer there. January on the beach sounds pretty damn good to a couple of midwesterners.

We’re still ironing out the details. All we know for sure is that we want to do both Australia and New Zealand and that we only have 16 days (including travel time). So a week in each spot. Based on the fact that Australia is enormous, we’re limiting ourselves to one week in Brisbane and its surrounds.

For week two, I think we’re flying into Wellington or Christchurch, NZ and renting some sort of campervan, though we will not be staying in it every night. This is my honeymoon and there will be showers.

Things we for sure want to do:

  • See/snorkel/SCUBA the Great Barrier Reef (we think we can road trip to the southern tip of it from Brisbane)
  • A few days at a cool beach, relaxing and drinking things out of coconuts or something. I have it on good authority from two sources that Byron Bay is excellent.
  • At least one great hike in New Zealand. Doesn’t need to be difficult, just pretty.
  • Maybe a visit a vineyard.
  • My guy really wants to see something from Lord of the Rings ’cause he’s into that.

Any travel advice, things to avoid, stuff to do fer sher, we are ALL ears. Best advice gets to come with us!*

*no chance

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Comments (6)

  • Claudia Richman 6 years ago Reply

    I haven’t been to Australia, but NZ is amazing. We went a few years ago and spent a night here: http://www.riverrun.co.nz/ it was fantastic. It’s close to all the adventure stuff in Queenstown – where we went hang gliding which was also amazing. And surrounded by vineyards. Also amazing. Enjoy!

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    YES YES YES. That place looks amazing. Also, hang gliding?! Could not be more Hey Eleanor-y. I am peeing in my pants just thinking about it.

  • Charlie 6 years ago Reply

    I’ve been to Aus. twice (my half sister grew up there and lives there) and NZ once. NZ is by far the most amazing place I’ve ever been. I was there 10 years ago (following my sister’s wedding in Aus). Bebopping around the North Island is cool, but NZ’s South Island is UNREAL. If you fly into Wellington (with a giant Gollum crawling over the top of the airport!) you can then take an awesome ferry to Picton which is the top of the South Island. The water is so beautiful and I have some stunning photos just from the ferry! We only made it as south as Christchurch, but it was just so spectacularly beautiful the whole way- black sand beaches with large smooth white pebbles on one side of the road, vineyards on the other with snow capped mountains in the distance. Awesome. Anyway, we stopped in at Kaikoura for a night on our way south and you can go out on a dolphin spotting boat- then if you’ve signed up in advance, you can actually snorkle with the wild dolphins. We saw SO many dolphins and albatross. Anyway, great choice, for sure! If I were you I would spend most of the time on the South Island, especially if you want kind of adventurous, camping type travel. In terms of Aus. Haven’t been to Brisbane, so don’t have much to offer there. 🙂

  • Rachel 6 years ago Reply

    If I can make a suggestion – choose one place and go there. Be there. Enjoy there.
    From my own personal experience, I escaped Minnesota’s brutal February this year, and spent 2.5 weeks driving around New Zealand’s South Island. Only the South Island. Didn’t even make it to the North Island except for a short layover in Auckland.
    There is so much to see, and Australia is enough on it’s own. I’m sure that you’ve already bought tickets, but if I can tell you anything based on my own experience = spend more time enjoying one place because even in that one place, you’ll find more to do than you have time for.
    And you definitely want to find time to enjoy each other.
    The South Island is absolutely gorgeous by the way, and spectacularly different every 30 minutes.

  • FMT 6 years ago Reply

    Look up Lake Wanaka – http://www.lakewanaka.co.nz – Rob Roy Glacier hike into Mt Aspiring National Park, canyoning with Deep Canyon Experience, hiking with Eco Wanaka Adventures, anything in a helicopter! Busy time of year though so book ahead. FMT – Riverrun Lodge, Wanaka.

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    That is definitely on our list! Looks so beautiful. I’ve never been in a helicopter either… #heyeleanor!

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