#111 -112. Beach Vacation, Sans Razor. (PART 1)

Here’s what I see in this photo. An engaged couple, in love, on vacation. Lush foliage, crystal clear blue waters, perfectly partly sunny sky.

What I can’t see in this photo are my hairy armpits. About six weeks before we took our Mexican vacation, I stopped shaving them (#111). In fact, I stopped shaving my legs, too (#112).

Shortly before this photo was taken, Josh and I had a heart to heart about my new tree hugging approach to hygiene. This is because Josh HADN’T NOTICED the additional fur until I mentioned it. Granted, it’s winter and my eyes and mouth are about the only things I expose on my body. I literally would sleep in Carhartt coveralls if I could. Additionally, the Swedish/Norwegian heritage gods blessed me with nearly clear leg hair and decently fine pit fuzz. This made him no less horrified when he saw what I was working with. I told him this was a one-time deal, not a forever thing. He looked worried.

Put your hands in the air and wave em like you just don't care.
Put your hands in the air and wave em like you just don’t care.

Now ladies, those of you with dark body hair are probably thinking, “Psssht, if my leg hair was basically invisible, I’d do that, too.” Trust me, the leg hair was visible and sparkled in the sunshine.

The armpit situation kept me feeling very self conscious, especially when I was hanging out with the future in-laws by the pool. In true Hey Eleanor fashion, this was the point. For the first few days, I kept my arms glued to my sides (when I could remember). But there were times my Euro look could not go unnoticed… like when a guy from our hotel’s spa offered to give me a complimentary foot massage. I said, “Sure!”… then remembered the leg fur. He noticed.

I mean, that's not NO hair.
I mean, that’s not NO hair.

I shaved my legs on day four as a courtesy to my Beyonce. But as the week went on, I started forgetting about my hairy underarms. I had no problem putting my hands behind my head and basking in the sun. I mean, really, who cares? It’s just a little fuzz. Compared to every single guy I know, this is nothing!

If I’m being completely honest, going au natural was actually kind of fun. Like my own private joke. It was a just a bit less funny when (& how) I decided to remove said hair. Stay tuned for that in Sans Razor Part 2. Coming soon!

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