#23. Introduce Gayle King to Eleanor.

My smug, unintentional photobomb! 
My smug, unintentional photobomb!

Aside from over-posting links to my blog on my personal Facebook page & Twitter account, I suck at personal promotion. If you’re working on a project/event/book/blog/album/new line of control top panty hose, I will be the first person to shout it to the world! I’ve written three books and barely even mentioned it to my family.

I am so fortunate to have parents who won’t shut up about me (sorry to anyone they’ve ever sat next to on a plane), and great friends who support me, especially my coworker and pal Dusti, who is always willing to promote the crap out of the things I do. She is amazing.

There’s something I find extremely off-putting about talking myself up. Maybe it’s my Scandinavian background, or just growing up in the midwest, but I have a hard time differentiating between sharing something about myself and bragging. Of course everyone has better things to do than read this blog, so why be all pushy about it? (<=== that’s my inner monologue.)  But last Friday night I was at Burger Bash at New York Wine and Food Fest and I saw Gayle King. Yes, like CBS This Morning Gayle King. Like road tripping with her best friend, Oprah, Gayle King. Like that Gayle King.

Dusti challenged me to tell her about Hey Eleanor. And once my heart started racing and palms started sweating, I knew she was right! So I wrote my URL down on a piece of paper and handed it to her. I barely even got a chance to say a word because of the total chaos that is Burger Bash. I have no idea if she will ever look at this site, but you never know! I saw her holding it as she walked around the festival later, so my odds can’t be too bad. Maybe one day, Gayle and Oprah will invite me to eat at Cracker Barrel with them, and what a treat that would be.

In the meantime, @jeffk8900 tweeted the above photo… proof that Gayle & I were in the same room! Ha! Love my expression.


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  • Diana Bockus 7 years ago Reply

    I have a hard time promoting my blog too – especially when I first got it started. It gets easier, I promise. Then there will come a time when someone will say that they know who you are, it’ll change everything! Props to you for going up to her though! It’s not easy! 🙂

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