#12. Get a Flu Shot


Proof that this blog is already changing my life: I was picking up a prescription at Walgreen’s and the pharmacist asked me if I’d had my flu shot. I said no. She asked if I wanted to have her look into seeing if my insurance would cover it. I, without hesitation and a little too much enthusiasm, said, “Sure!” Who am I?!

I dislike shots as much as the next guy, but especially the flu shot because it seems so bulls***ty. I’m always hearing things like, “It only covers a few kinds of flu,” and “It can actually make you sick,” and “Flu shots are for old people.” Psssht. As if I’m going to get an extra shot. But this year, I am looking for content, folks! Bring on the pain.

Last year, I got my first-ever flu shot. Long story short, I was going to Tanzania and getting all the crazy shots you need to go there. The travel clinic doctor asked if I wanted the flu shot. I said, “Nah I’m good. ” Then she pointed out that real influenza is not that “do I have food poisoning or is this a 24-hour bug?” kind of thing. No, kids. The real flu apparently is serious biz, and can render you immobile for weeks or something. And while being at home for a few days watching old Mary Tyler Moore shows doesn’t sound half bad, doing it in Africa is another story. Fine, I’ll take the damn shot.

Fast forward to this flu season. Pharmacist tells me my insurance covers it. I think, “Great! A blog post!” I meet the pharmacist in a little room in back. She swabs up my left shoulder, whips out the needle, and wham! Immunized. And I only winced a little.

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