Fun News: The Hey Eleanor T-Shirts Are Here!

Fun news! I submitted a t-shirt design to Cotton Bureau and they’re actually getting made!

But wait, you have no idea what Cotton Bureau is and why I would send them a t-shirt design?

Totally okay. Here’s how it works.

Cotton Bureau is a curated online community for high-quality graphic design tees, hoodies, and more. Regular folks like me or you (or probably mostly graphic designers, but whatever!) submit the artwork, and Cotton Bureau does the selling, printing, shipping, and customer service…so us regular folks don’t have to.

Brilliant, right?

Here’s my Hey Eleanor! design:

Hey Eleanor! T-shirt in blue/hot pink!
Hey Eleanor! T-shirt in blue/hot pink!
Same shirt, but heather grey!
Same shirt, but heather grey!

I think they look amazing and I can’t wait to get one in each color.

Question: is it douchey to wear your “own” t-shirt? Asking for a friend.

But, there is a catch:

The shirts are only available for 14 days, TOTAL. And you need to sell at least 12 to even get them printed. I know 12 people, but do 12 people want to wear a Hey Eleanor t-shirt? I guess we shall see.

As an owner of a Cotton Bureau shirt, I can personally attest that these shirts are printed on the finest, softest, comfiest tees, hoodies, and sweatshirts. You will love this shirt. All items are tagless, with custom printed size tags, so no itchy neck.

You have from today until June 17 to get one of these pretty little gems in your hands.


* * *

PS A huge thanks to  my friend Nora for putting Cotton Bureau on my radar. She’s the lady behind this best-selling shirt. Only 5,000+ sold. No big deal!

PPS Like the shirt? Neat! Share a link with your buddies!

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  • Kathryn 5 years ago Reply

    Super cute! You can tell your "friend" it’s completely ok to wear her own t-shirt 🙂

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