107 Ways to Expand Your Comfort Zone.

What’s your biggest fear?

You’re probably thinking heights, your nudie pictures surfacing on the Internet or spiders. But what you probably aren’t aware of are all the little things in your everyday life that you avoid because they make you uncomfortable.

Silly stuff, like cooking seafood at home, watching a movie you heard is pretty intense, or inviting your neighbors over for a barbecue (for real, not just to be polite). 

For nearly a year, I’ve committed to doing something outside my comfort zone once a day.

It sounded adventurous. Plus, it was great blog fodder. I didn’t expect the enormous impact it would have on my life. The more you live outside your comfort zone, the more that zone expands. You can actually practice being afraid, which in turn makes you less scared and more open to new experiences.

It’s awesome.  

Fear is completely subjective. What might terrify you may be old hat to me and vice versa. However, I’ve discovered that every time I lean into my fears, I unearth new possibilities and expand my comfort zone in a way I never thought possible. And truly, no task is too small. I learned a hell of a lot more not wearing makeup for a week than I did skydiving. You should give it a try. Download my free ebook to help get you thinking about new and fun ways to challenge yourself. 107 ways, to be exact. 

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