Exhausted? Maybe You Should Quit.

If you stop by Hey Eleanor often, you know that I embrace quitting. To be fair, I think there are plenty of things worth sticking out. Often times we tell ourselves something is “too hard” or “impossible.” I believe we all know in our gut when we’re simply giving up vs. quitting.

Giving up feels bad, quitting eventually feels good.

So if you’re running ragged, maybe it’s time you consider quitting something in your life, just like the following people.

* * *

Tired of letting drugs and alcohol dictate your decisions? Quit & save your life.

Tired of spending your whole weekend cleaning your place? Quit & find yourself happier, healthier with less distractions.

Tired of dyeing your hair? Quit hitting the bottle & embrace your silver.

Tired of being hungover? Quit drinking & discover that you might not need booze to feel happy.

Tired of working for someone else? Quit your corporate job & start your own web design company. Or maybe your own executive assisting service. Or maybe your own blog & freelance writing career. Or maybe a 2 billion+ view YouTube channel.

Tired of spending all your money on rent & all your time cleaning? Quit living in a house or apartment & try living tiny.

Tired of being sick? Quit eating the stuff that makes you feel like junk & start looking to food as medicine.

Tired of wandering around aimlessly, wondering what in the hell you’re doing with your life? Quit it & start living your life on purpose.

Tired of apologizing all the time? Quit saying sorry when you don’t really mean it.

Tired of looking dumpy in your clothes? Quit wearing a crappy ol’ bra & start wearing one that fits!

Tired of feeling like junk after a workout? Quit moving your body in a way that hurts & try exercise you actually enjoy!

Tired of being scared about the what-ifs? Here’s 10 things I learned after quitting my awesome job. Any of them resonate with you?

Tired of feeling defined by what you do, not who you are? Quit & you might find out you’re bigger, better and stronger that you ever imagined.

Tired of your beer gut? Quit drinking the IPAs & find out what it’s like to not feel bloated & disgusting.

What happens when you quit, and it ends up not working out like you thought?

I asked Food & Wine magazine editor-in-chief Dana Cowin, who quit a kick-ass job at Vogue to pursue her passion… and it didn’t exactly work out. Here’s how she bounced back in a big, amazing way.

Here’s how Elizabeth Dehn aka Beauty Bets, who didn’t let a failed attempt at launching her own beauty line hold her back. Here’s her inspiring success story.

* * *

Have you quit something & it made your life better? Smoking, a relationship, your car? Maybe you quit keeping a secret that was holding you back. Maybe you quit pretending to be someone you’re not. I want to hear about it. Email your story to heyeleanorproject [at] gmail [dot] com.

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