How to Deal with a Dead Mouse.

How to deal with a dead mouse. I'm an expert now. 
How to deal with a dead mouse. I’m an expert now.

When you live in a 110-year-old duplex, you unearth weirdness.

For example, your entire home might still house active plumbing for gas light fixtures. Or there could be psychedelic chalk drawings hanging in your [definitely haunted] attic. Who knows, your creepy basement could be a vignette of Dexter’s favorite kill rooms.

This is just a sampling of the things Josh and I discovered when we bought our place last summer. The gorgeous built-ins, original character and great location made me fall in love with this place. These things do not come without tradeoffs.

Mice, for example.

Fortunately, we have two cats. Unfortunately, our downstairs tenants do not. Fortunately, I have yet to see a living mouse in our home. Unfortunately, the girls downstairs cannot say the same. We’ve taken some major precautions– traps, poison, moth balls, drier sheets, exterminators, but the fact of the matter is that we live in an old house, winter is around the corner and sometimes there are mice.

Mice happen.

Josh usually deals with all things rodent around these parts.

However, on a recent morning, I was graciously given the opportunity to tackle a mouse issue. As I entered our bathroom, I immediately notices a few small smears of blood on the floor. Hmm, odd. Maybe Josh nicked himself while shaving, or maybe a stoned college student spilled ketchup on the floor. Who knows! I jumped in the shower and put it out of my mind.

I got dressed, readied myself for work, and went to let the dog outside. Then I saw it: a grayish turd of thing on my beautiful rug.

Holy crap, a Dead Mau5.

Old Molly would’ve screamed, then thrown a mixing bowl over it, then waited for Josh to return on his white stallion. New Molly screamed, then grabbed the GoPro.

Check out the video (above)… I didn’t even freak out*.

*not true.

* * *

Want to learn more about our really old house? Read this.



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Comments (7)

  • Denise 7 years ago Reply

    I may possible have lost two recent night’s sleep due to hearing scratching and gnawing in my attic. I was sure it was a 4′ rat with shining red eyes. It turned out to be a squirrel sitting on my fence outside my window eating an acorn. Sigh (and thank the lord). Good job on tackling that little demon.

  • Maggie Stack 7 years ago Reply

    My favorite is the shameless favoring of one kitty child over the other…Hark! There is an angel in my pantry! – had me laughin.

  • Uncle Whitey 7 years ago Reply

    I’m no expert but I don’t think that was a mouse. I believe you just disposed of, as we used to call them at the farm a "BFR"!
    Well done Molly!

  • Debbie Q 7 years ago Reply

    Oh yes, the little "treats" that our cats used to leave us…when we still had cats. Actually it was just one of the cats, the younger one to be exact, who would leave presents. The older cat would just sit there and say, "I’m management. Talk to Otis about extermination". It was not uncommon to come downstairs in the morning to find a tasty "morsel" on the carpet in front of the stairs….or the bedroom door. A heart perhaps, or a tail. This continued until the day we had to put the cats down. On that morning, when I knew what we had to do later in the day, I came downstairs to find that Otis had left me the choicest bit of all, the entire front half of the mouse. That poor thing had a look on his (or her?) face just like Quint did when the shark was eating him in JAWS. Ah, the memories.

  • kirk 7 years ago Reply

    At least it was already dead & you didn’t have to catch, kill & dispose of it!!!!

  • Bruce 7 years ago Reply

    Nice job Molly, you are becoming quite the hunter!

  • Diana Wille 7 years ago Reply

    At least it was dead. Trigo catches mice, but thinks they’re toys…so I had a whole process when I’d hear him running around at 3am. Find cat & mouse. Put teacup over mouse. Put on boots and parka. Get thin cardboard out of recycling. Scoop up mouse. Walk across Lyndale to dump it in a dumpster (stunned and cold). Come back. Give treat to Trigo, who is still looking for the mouse where he left it.

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