The Winter Boots I Can’t Get Enough Of!

As it turns out, it's pretty hard to take a picture of your own feet.
As it turns out, it’s pretty hard to take a picture of your own feet.

Fun fact: If you want to post photos of your outfits, you have to get someone to take photos of your outfits.

That’s means I need to find someone to take pics of me during the daylight, during the week.

No easy feat.

Me, keeping them ankles warm!
Me, keeping them ankles warm!

So instead of posting pics of my clothes (which I’ll do next week), I’m showing you the boots I decided to add to my capsule. They’re Sorel’s Toronto Lace Boot. Cute, warm, comfortable and fill my ankle-height boot void. I ended up getting these from Columbia, not from Sorel directly, because Sorel’s exchange policy is the worst! And PS, if you decide to get these boots, buy a half-size up.

I styled them with a pair of these slouchy crew socks. I hafta say, I think it’s a pretty darn cute look. It also feels like a good substitute for that bare ankle thing everyone’s all about.

It’s too damn cold in Minnesota for that business.

Anyhow, a month into my 35-ish item closet adventure, I’ve learned a few key things.

1. I’m re-appreciating my existing clothes.

A little Lake of the Isles snuggle session. With a photographer. And a bunch of other people watching. 
A little Lake of the Isles snuggle session. With a photographer. And a bunch of other people watching.

A lot of minimalists say things like, “If you think you might want to keep something, put it away. If you haven’t thought about it for [insert period of time], get rid of it. Chances are, you won’t miss the stuff.”

Well, that’s kinda true.

I’m sure there are lots of things I haven’t thought about in my basement tubs. However, there are a few articles of clothing I’m bringing back.

We coulda used a tan. Who cares, we're in love!
We coulda used a tan. Who cares, we’re in love!

One is the above jacket from Zara. It was cheap (like $80) and I bought it last year specifically for my engagement photos because I didn’t have a non-puffy coat. I didn’t even think it was that cute or flattering; I bought it anyhow.

I recently decided to try it on and guess what? It’s totally fine! I like it. It’s a great non-puffy coat option. It’s good enough and definitely an excellent stand-in until I can get a fancy coat from JCrew (which are always sold out in my size anyhow).

2. Shopping is still fun, but I am way more discriminating.

Yesterday, I had to return something to Nordstrom at the Mall of America. Of course, I did a hot lap at the mall & went into a few of my favorite stores.

Unlike my shopping trips of the past, I knew exactly what I was looking for. I found things that were almost right. I even had a $20 off coupon at Athleta, which would’ve been great to use toward an incredibly comfy sweatshirt that was almost what I was looking for. It just wasn’t right.

I used to be like, I NEED to use this $20 off coupon.

But the reality is you’re not really saving any money if you’re using a coupon to buy something you wouldn’t buy without it.


3. I still love having so few options.

My general capsule consensus: I like my nearly naked closet.

I enjoy wearing the same things over and over. And now I’ve given myself permission to do it without guilt or shame. No one has said a damn thing about me in the same outfits all of the time.

This exercise has also forced me to identify what I love to wear and be really picky about what goes into my closet. Getting ready in the morning is a breeze because I have so few decisions to make. I’ve learned how to dress up and dress down everything I own.

It’s great.

My guess is that I’ll stick with keeping my closet to a handful of items every season, but give myself permission to add and subtract as I please. But I’ll still aim to keep my options limited.

* * *

Question– do you guys even like when I post photos of my outfits, or is it kind of tired? Be honest.

PS Here’s what my capsule wardrobe started out like… I’ve since taken a few things away (grey cowboy boots!) and added a couple of items. And PPS, here’s what my closet looked like before and after I got this capsule thing rolling.

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  • Kathryn 6 years ago Reply

    I like the outfit photos. I find it really interesting how creative people get putting together outfits with only a few items of clothing. The Project333 blog just did a 33 different outfits in 33 days with only 33 piece of clothing post, showing that having very little clothing doesn’t mean you have to wear the same outfit over and over.

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