#253. Someone Unplugged Our Freezer & Cleaning it was Disgusting.

You don't want to look in there. 

You don’t want to look in there. 

We’re currently fixing up our basement. One of the guys helping us with the renovation had to unplug the fridge/freezer and move it. He forgot to plug it back in. 

We discovered this approximately three days later. 

I was doing laundry and detected the distinct funk of rotting flesh. I know, even typing those words makes me want to ralph! I looked at the fridge and saw a few tiny drops of blood on the floor. Ah, crap. 

The good news:

This is our extra fridge/freezer set up and most of the stuff in there was the weird leftover cuts from a 1/8 of a cow we bought last winter… like the heart, liver and a few (sniffle) short ribs. It could’ve been worse.

The bad news:

We had to clean it all up and it was thoroughly disgusting. Blood, guts, gore and stank. And that’s why this is Hey Eleanor challenge #253. You can watch it all go down in the video below.

PS I mentioned that we’re fixing up our basement, which means this thing is finally gone. Couldn’t be happier!

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