#102. Change a Baby’s Diaper

As a teen, I rarely babysat. Currently, I don’t have any nieces or nephews. Whereas some people love fawning over newborns, I’ve never been really all that into them. I do want kids someday; however, other people’s kids don’t get me excited to dig into any slightly gross or annoying tasks. I’m sorry, that’s just not my bag.

This is how I made it to 31-years-old without ever changing a baby’s diaper. 

So, when my friend V invited me to change her month-old baby, I said sure.  I’d seen it done before. I was fairly certain I could handle it.  

Armed with wipes, a fresh diaper, cute (and quiet) baby and a great coach, I think I aced this challenge (watch the above video & judge for yourself). The experience wasn’t even half as gross as I’d imagined. Plus, it was nice to help out with one of the thousands of diapers V will be changing over the next few years. 

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