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What it's like to get Lasik eye surgery

What it’s like to get Lasik eye surgery

Raise your hand if you like people touching your eyeballs!

And nobody is raises their hand. Because eyeballs are weird and eww-y and don’t anybody touch mine!

My friend Diana told me she’d been considering Lasik eye surgery for years, and finally mustered up the courage to go through with it. Since she’s so hilarious and a great storyteller, I asked her to share what happened. Here’s what it’s like to have lasers pointed at your eyeballs.

* * *

When did you start wearing glasses?

I got glasses when I was about 8. I hated the feeling of them on my face, and I got teased for it. So basically…this was not great for me. I started wearing contacts as soon as my parents would let me, going into high school.

What do you love about glasses? What annoyed you?

I have no love for glasses. My favorite thing … Read more

What it's like to hike all 2,185 Miles of the Appalachian Trail.

I Hiked All 2,185 Miles of the Appalachian Trail

Most of you are probably familiar with Cheryl Strayed (or at least Reese Witherspoon playing Cheryl Strayed in Wild). Her story introduced me to thru-hiking, basically hiking a long-distance trail end-to-end. To me, this sounds equal parts terrifying and exciting. To Katherine Denemark (trail nickname: Roots), it sounded awesome. The State College, Penn. assistant preschool teacher and her husband Eric decided to hike the entirety of the Appalachian Trail, which only took six months and a day. Here’s their own wild story. 

* * *

In 2014, you hiked the Appalachian Trail. Why? How long did it take?

“Why” is really hard. In the simplest sense, I wanted to hike it because it’s there to be hiked and it got into my imagination. I also really needed a break from normal life. I felt burnt out and confused, and I wanted time to think and breathe. Also, … Read more

Why paleo blogger Melissa Joulwan quit CrossFit

Why Melissa Joulwan let go of the thing that defined her

Melissa Joulwan is kind of a big deal. She’s the brains and beauty behind Clothes Make the Girl, a blog that actually has little to do with fashion and a lot to do with cooking delicious, healthy food. Her Paleo cookbooks, Well Fed & Well Fed 2, have sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

In 2008, Melissa stumbled into the world of CrossFit and fell head over toes-to-bar. When a medical condition forced her to quit a few years later, she was absolutely heartbroken. So where did a Paleo guru find solace after quitting the thing she thought defined her? In the most unlikely place. I’ll let her explain.

* * *

Let’s get down to business: What did you quit & why?

I quit CrossFit. Kicking and screaming. Because I had to. I was sad about it then, and honestly, I’m still sad about it sometimes. But … Read more

Quitters: How Quitting Alcohol Made Me Better at Everything

Quitters: How Quitting Alcohol Made Me Better at Everything

Jina Schaefer looks like the picture of perfect heath. She runs marathons. She meditates. Gluten? Psssht, she doesn’t eat that. However, this lifestyle she leads was earned, decision by decision, small step by small step. And what’s especially great is that she’s super normal and relatable and not holier-than-thou about it, which hardly ever happens. 

A year ago, she decided to give up the booze, not because she needed to, but because she just wanted to. What happened next surprised her. We discuss the culture of alcohol, what it’s like to be the “sober friend” and why she’s not planning on drinking ever again.

* * *

Let’s get down to business: What did you quit & why?

Alcohol. I felt like I needed alcohol to get through the holidays. Instead, I decided to try and give it up for 100 days through the holiday season in 2013. I knew … Read more


Despise chewing and scraping sounds? You may have misophonia.

I’m sitting in the corner of my favorite coffee shop, angling my entire body toward a wall. Earbuds in to eschew the sound of the two ladies talking wildly and gesticulating next to me.

My husband sits five tables down, alone.

I was sitting with him, but the guy at the next table is a “tall typer,” a term I’ve given to all people who hammer away at their keyboards like an impassioned concert pianist. I can’t be by that. I can’t see it or listen to it. If I do, my brain explodes.

I have misophonia.

I didn’t know it even was an actual thing until a few years ago. My friend read this article in the New York Times and forwarded it to me. Molly, I think this is you.

Dude, that IS ME!

I was relieved. Just knowing I had an actual thing was … Read more