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I tried THINX and the DivaCup. Here's what happened.

I tried THINX and the DivaCup. Here’s what happened.


Is that?


It can’t be.


But I’m still breastfeeding!


My period returned 11 months after baby #1.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 20 period-free months. No cramps, no PMS, no period-related acne, no ruined underwear. All I had to do was get pregnant! (and essentially experience all of those same period symptoms, but this time, I also gained a bunch of weight and grew a baby!).

Since birthing a babe, I’m less self-conscious about my body and feel more confident than ever. Or maybe it’s just that after a complete stranger assists you out of surgical-grade mesh underwear and/or manually milks your engorged breast, you just stop giving a rip.

Anyhow, with my new-found appreciation for my womanliness, I decided to ditch my old-school period tactics and try two alternative approaches: THINX and the DivaCup. Here’s what happened.

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Why I Nearly Had A Panic Attack at Prenatal Yoga

Why I Nearly Had A Panic Attack at Prenatal Yoga

I’ve stayed active during my pregnancy.

Until 29 weeks, I was CrossFitting a few times a week. I still take long walks with my dog. Sometimes, I go to yoga. I even climbed the IDS tower in my second trimester. 50 floors, NBD. Just kidding, it was kind of terrible and I only made it to the eighth floor before needing to find a bathroom. Eventually, I did summit!

The one exercise I avoided is the one it made the most sense to try:


You know, yoga… but for pregnant ladies.

I’ve been meaning to try out the Twin Cities’ premiere “mom” gym. They do tons of classes for pregnant ladies, new moms, veteran moms, any kind of mom, really. You don’t need to be a mom to go, but I mean… it’s a gym built around motherhood, so.

I love that a place like this exists, but

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Stop waiting for "Big Events" to change your life

Want to be happier? Stop waiting for Big Events

I’ve made a lot of big changes in the last three years.

I bought a house with my boyfriend. We got engaged, then married. I quit a really great job to work for myself. My husband and I decided to have a baby (arriving July-ish).

I feel like I’m finally honing in on happiness.

But you know what? While my happiness is related to my Big Life Changes, it’s not just the house or the marriage or the job or the baby that are making me happy. It’s more that these things granted me an “excuse” to make changes I’ve thought about for years.

Let’s look at quitting my job.

When I left my full-time gig a year and a half ago, my reasoning was pretty straightforward. I wanted to build a freelance writing career, and planned on having a family in the near future. Hence, I craved … Read more

28 Things That Will Make Your Pregnancy Better

28 Things That Will Make Your Pregnancy Better

Before we get started: I know a lot of people struggle with fertility, so I consider myself fortunate to even be pregnant in the first place. That said, I’m happy to be having this baby, but “happy” doesn’t make pregnancy any easier.

It’s been a weird time for me, bouncing between anxiety and excitement; feeling simultaneously loved and isolated; dealing with rapid body changes; not to mention the mood swings, cravings, unexpected tears, aches and pains.

Fortunately, we live in the time of Amazon Prime.

That, along with Target, my dog and my amazing husband (<<< last but certainly not least! I’m so lucky to have him!) has made the last 27 weeks so much better. I’m no pregnancy expert, but I am an expert in unearthing really great stuff that makes my life easier. Here’s what’s made pregnancy more manageable.

* * *

Gear & Goods:

I got … Read more

Everyday Eleanor: I'm a Post-Abortion Wellness Coach

Everyday Eleanor: I’m a Post-Abortion Wellness Coach

As a nutritionist and health coach, Jessica von Bergen loved helping women tackle their wellness goals. However, after having an abortion herself and speaking with other women who’ve terminated pregnancies, she identified a gap in care. Von Bergen opted to meld her health coaching business with post-abortion wellness– something very few women have access to or even know about.

So, what exactly is post-abortion care and why is it important? I’ll let her explain. 

* * *

You’re a nutritionist and health coach. What exactly does that mean? What inspired you to pursue wellness professionally?

My nutrition education was heavily focused on the science of food and eating – things like calories, macros, and nutrient breakdown. But as soon as I started working with clients, I realised many of them had already tried following the science and still weren’t able to create long-term changes within their bodies.

Health coaches provide … Read more