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23 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

23 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

I love podcasts.

They enhance dog walks and fuel long drives, all while allowing me to learn new things. It’s a more passive way to challenge your comfort zone, and these days, I am digging that.

Most people have heard of This American Life, Radiolab and Serial (if you haven’t, I will not judge you). Last week, I reached out to a handful of my most in-the-know friends about their favorite shows. This group of people are diverse in their interests: I got suggestions for entrepreneurs, music nerds, parents, conservatives and liberals, outdoorsy types and more.

In fact, I ended up with so many suggestions that I am splitting this up into at least two posts. If you’re looking for a new podcast or two, maybe one of these will strike your fancy.

*And a note on podcast etiquette*
Take the time to rate and review the podcasts that Read more

Why Owning an Investment Property is Awesome (+ Why It's Not)

Why Owning an Investment Property is Awesome (+ Why It’s Not)

If you’re as addicted to HGTV as I am (admit it, you are), you’ve probably considered all of the following:

1. Flipping a house.
2. Secretly buying the Property Brothers clothing in one size larger.
3. Shiplapping the shit out of your living room.
4. Buying an investment property and watching the big bucks roll in.

I’m going to focus on that last one it’s the only one I’ve actually done.

(though #2 would be really satisfying).

Buying a duplex seemed smart. It feels like cozy apartment living, but you get to make all the decisions (can I paint? Hmm… why don’t I ask myself!). You get to make it nice if you want! You can get a dog! And you get your tenants to pay for a big chunk of your mortgage. Heck, some people get tenants to pay alllll their mortgage.

What’s not to like?

Once … Read more


Do You Embrace or Fear the Big Changes in Your Life?

Crying in my pillow… be right back! | Do You Embrace or Fear the Big Changes in Your Life?

If you pay attention to Hey Eleanor, you might know that I am pregnant.

However, you might not know that, too.

I haven’t shared any photos of my bump via social media. Ultrasound photos? Pssshhht, only with our parents and a few select family members and friends. I’ve written one blog post about my baby fears (there are way more than what’s listed there!), and one about our babymoon. For someone who writes a lot about their personal life, pregnancy and motherhood have mostly been off-limits. Wanna know why?

It means big changes and I’m scared.

I’m not talking about the fears that surround becoming a mom (though… um… yes). I’m afraid that if I start writing about this stuff, readers will run away like the last human … Read more


Why I Quit My Job to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom in Italy

Staying at home with the kids seems especially great when your home is in Rome.

Melissa used to spend her days practicing law in between wrangling her kids, working out and hanging with her husband. She wanted to juggle it all, not be just another burned out career mom. But alas, constantly hustling her buns off started taking its toll. Then her husband got a job offer that would take their family to Italy. They leapt at the opportunity. Melissa couldn’t exactly do her job from the land of wine and pasta, so she quit and decided to watch the kids full-time. Here’s her Quitters story.   

* * *

You spent five years working in a big DC law firm. What kind of law were you practicing? What did a normal day look and feel like?

When people ask a legal question, I always say I’m the most unhelpful lawyer … Read more


The Integratron: A Fun, Weird Road Trip from Palm Springs

Nothing weird happening here. Just kidding.

Until a few years ago, I thought of Palm Springs as a boring place in the desert for old people who like to golf. I didn’t quite realize it was a mid-century mecca full of awesome architecture, stunning mountains and stylish gay men. It’s also one of the sunniest places on the planet. Put it all together and bam!

I’m already planning my Palm Springs retirement.

When my dad asked Josh and I to join him with my brother and sister-in-law for a long weekend in the desert, I pretty much booked our tickets before I even asked Josh if he could get the time off from work. Details.

I love lounging by the pool as much as the next guy, but that’s kind of what my last to Palm Springs was all about. This time, I wanted to enjoy some of the … Read more