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Do You Embrace or Fear the Big Changes in Your Life?

Crying in my pillow… be right back! | Do You Embrace or Fear the Big Changes in Your Life?

If you pay attention to Hey Eleanor, you might know that I am pregnant.

However, you might not know that, too.

I haven’t shared any photos of my bump via social media. Ultrasound photos? Pssshhht, only with our parents and a few select family members and friends. I’ve written one blog post about my baby fears (there are way more than what’s listed there!), and one about our babymoon. For someone who writes a lot about their personal life, pregnancy and motherhood have mostly been off-limits. Wanna know why?

It means big changes and I’m scared.

I’m not talking about the fears that surround becoming a mom (though… um… yes). I’m afraid that if I start writing about this stuff, readers will run away like the last human … Read more


Dare: Quit Following People Who Drive You Crazy Online

Are you a hate-follower? I sometimes am.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat: I am on all sorts of social media platforms. I mostly follow friends, family, brands and people I like. But I have to admit, there are a few accounts I’ve grown to despise. Instead of unfollowing, I do something totally unhealthy.

I hate-follow.

You’re probably doing it, too. There’s that person from high school who always posts things that are TMI or legitimately insane on Facebook. Or that person who clearly spends hours curating the perfect Instagram photo– an overhead shot of their [super-trendy brand name] purse’s contents all over a table, with lip gloss, a moleskin notebook and something intentionally quirky (M&Ms! A tiny teddy bear! Fruitstripe gum!) placed just so.

Following some people makes my blood boil.

And yet, I can’t stop doing it! I recently realized I was addicted to scrolling through the feeds … Read more


How to Let Go of Something You Feel Obligated to Keep

Birds symbolizing my real-life lesson in letting go.

Quite some time ago, I interviewed Karen Young, the psychologist behind the mental health blog Hey Sigmund. I liked her site right away because A) the name and B) she writes truly helpful posts about depression, anxiety and mental wellness. Anyhow, one of the things she said really stuck with me:

Stop hanging on to what’s trying to let go of you.

I think she’s probably talking about stuff like a bad relationship (romantic, friendly, or with a toxic family member), a job that’s keeping you down, or really anything that’s causing emotional strife. But for whatever reason, these words brought to mind something I’d been struggling with for the last 12 years.

This story begins at UW-Madison, where I somehow earned a degree in journalism and mass communications without sacrificing my partying.

My parents were so proud.

During my sophomore … Read more


5 Ways to Reduce Stress & Boost Your Mood

Host a dinner party for your favorite people.

Maybe it’s the total lack of sunshine, temps in the single or negative digits, or that my summer glow has been replaced by a dry pallor, but winter often leaves me simultaneously stressed with a serious case of the blahs. And when I get the blahs, I make poor decisions. Not like spring break poor decisions, but like eating junk, laying around, feeling like a waste of space. Eventually my slothiness catches up to me, pushes my stress and anxiety into overdrive… which often leads me back to the junk food and the laying around.

Every year I make a conscious effort to break through the winter blahs. Here’s five ways I do it.

* * *

Try Something New

If you come here often, you know I am all about trying new stuff. Last weekend, I went snowmobiling for the first … Read more


9 Healthy Tricks To Boost Your Morning Smoothie

This berry smoothie tastes as good as it looks.

I’ve been on and off the smoothie train for the better part of two decades. In the 90s, I was so down with frozen yogurt, syrups and maybe some actual frozen fruit (so healthy, right? PS let’s call those “smoothies” what they really are: ice cream). These days, I try to pack as many nutrients into my glass as possible. Usually frozen fruit, a big handful of spinach, some cold-pressed juice, and a few less common ingredients. Here’s how I gussy up my drink.

* * *


Citrus juice is the salt of the fruits!

No, I’m not talking about LSD (thought that would probably take your day in a very interesting direction). I mean citrus fruits. I like to think of citrus as the fruit version of salt– a generous squeeze of juice enhances flavors and brightens up everything. … Read more