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Everyday Eleanor: How to Travel Internationally with Kids

Everyday Eleanor: How to Travel Internationally with Kids

A lot of parents like to talk about how lame their lives are post-kids. I get it. I won’t have an actual kid for another three months, and yet I’m already significantly more lame the more pregnant I get. However, I am over adults using kids as their lameness scapegoat. If you want to go to a concert, you can (unless the sitter bails). If you want to join a kickball league, you can. And according to Shanna Singh Hughey, if you want to travel all over Europe and Asia with the little ones, well by-golly you can do that, too.

Last year, she and her husband packed up the kids and headed out on a three-month global adventure. They claim it was a success. Here’s how they did it (plus, what they might do differently next time). 

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25 things that scare me about having a baby

25 things that scare me about having a baby

Whelp. It’s official. I’m having a baby. Like actually, for-real, now-into-the-second-trimester pregnant.

We found out on our fall trip to Germany and Italy (obviously, the best places on earth for beer, wine, soft cheese and cured meats is an ideal place to learn you’re expecting), and it’s been a rollercoaster ever since. I’m currently 17 weeks in, and while the initial shock and onslaught of overwhelm tears have mostly subsided…

Becoming a parent is by far the scariest thing I have ever done.

Anyone who is having a kid or plans on having a kid and isn’t a little scared hasn’t really thought this through. Getting pregnant in the first place can be anxiety-inducing, and often heartbreaking (something I learned first-hand last fall). Pregnancy and childbirth are scary as hell, too. And then after that, you have a kid. Forever. 

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