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How to Trim a Baby's Nails

How to Trim a Baby’s Nails

With a new baby, everything is scary.

Driving. Leaving the house. Folding laundry six feet away from your sleeping baby who is totally breathing. She is breathing, right? I’m just going to go check really quick. But I’m pretty certain there’s one task that strikes fear in the hearts of all new parents: clipping your newborn’s fingernails.

We welcomed baby Arlene Helen Katt on July 14. She’s 7lbs 9 oz of adorableness… with one exception.

She was born wielding 10 tiny weapons.

Like all babies, her itty bitty fingernails are paper thin, and yet so sharp you’ll need to be peeled off the ceiling after one minor poke– usually on your naked boob as you’re trying to figure out breastfeeding and already sobbing in pain. I thought about cutting them a lot, but using clippers seems too risky. So I Google “trim baby nails” and learned that you can file … Read more

How You Give Birth Really Doesn't Matter

How You Give Birth Really Doesn’t Matter

Tomorrow, I become a mom.

A lot of people say I became a mom when I got pregnant. But aside from the fact that I haven’t eaten raw fish in nine months and said no to Dolly Parton AND Metallica concerts (both coming within weeks of this baby’s arrival), I haven’t felt like a parent.

Parents, especially to little kids, don’t get go to the gym when they want. They can’t just wing their day, maybe working for a few hours in the morning, then meeting a friend for lunch. They don’t go on spur of the moment dates with their significant others. They don’t get to sleep in until 9am. I’ve enjoyed all these things and more for the last 34 years.

Tomorrow afternoon, everything changes.

Our baby is breech (head up, butt down, legs constantly kicking my left side). She’s not budging, so she’s coming out in the … Read more

Why I Nearly Had A Panic Attack at Prenatal Yoga

Why I Nearly Had A Panic Attack at Prenatal Yoga

I’ve stayed active during my pregnancy.

Until 29 weeks, I was CrossFitting a few times a week. I still take long walks with my dog. Sometimes, I go to yoga. I even climbed the IDS tower in my second trimester. 50 floors, NBD. Just kidding, it was kind of terrible and I only made it to the eighth floor before needing to find a bathroom. Eventually, I did summit!

The one exercise I avoided is the one it made the most sense to try:


You know, yoga… but for pregnant ladies.

I’ve been meaning to try out the Twin Cities’ premiere “mom” gym. They do tons of classes for pregnant ladies, new moms, veteran moms, any kind of mom, really. You don’t need to be a mom to go, but I mean… it’s a gym built around motherhood, so.

I love that a place like this exists, but

Read more
Body issues, be gone! | What I Learned While Pregnant in a Bikini

What I Learned While Pregnant in a Bikini

It happened at Square Lake, circa 1989.

I was seven or eight. I noticed a women out of the corner of my eye– just a normal beachgoer I’d never met before. There was nothing notable about her, except for one little thing: she was probably 8 months pregnant and wearing a blue string bikini.

To me, a kid who really never spent much time around pregnant people (my brother is 18 months younger than me, so I don’t really remember my mom being pregnant), I thought this was incredibly strange. Maybe even embarrassing, like accidentally seeing a nip slip or something (I live in America where nipples are apparently obscene).

I diverted my eyes, and casually went back to building my impressive sandcastle. I remember being baffled at the time: you can wear a bikini while pregnant?! Why on earth would you want to show off your fat belly? Also, … Read more

28 Things That Will Make Your Pregnancy Better

28 Things That Will Make Your Pregnancy Better

Before we get started: I know a lot of people struggle with fertility, so I consider myself fortunate to even be pregnant in the first place. That said, I’m happy to be having this baby, but “happy” doesn’t make pregnancy any easier.

It’s been a weird time for me, bouncing between anxiety and excitement; feeling simultaneously loved and isolated; dealing with rapid body changes; not to mention the mood swings, cravings, unexpected tears, aches and pains.

Fortunately, we live in the time of Amazon Prime.

That, along with Target, my dog and my amazing husband (<<< last but certainly not least! I’m so lucky to have him!) has made the last 27 weeks so much better. I’m no pregnancy expert, but I am an expert in unearthing really great stuff that makes my life easier. Here’s what’s made pregnancy more manageable.

* * *

Gear & Goods:

I got … Read more