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Before and after photos of our Victorian home attic renovation. This is our master bedroom.

Before & After: Master Bedroom Renovation

Last week, I showed the before and after pics of the main living space in our attic remodel. This week, it’s all about the master bedroom.

Quick reminder: this is what this spooky-ass space looked like before:

Our bedroom is roughly located in the “room” in the photo on the right. As I mentioned before, our house in an original duplex (meaning it was built as a duplex, not a single family house later turned into a duplex) in the late 1890s. Apparently, each unit had a bedroom in the attic for their maids. I honestly can’t believe anyone ever lived up here. There was a weird old toilet in the basement when we moved in (we’ve since updated that!), which leads me to believe they had to go down four flights of stairs to pee.

Anyhow, our goal for the bedroom was to make it big enough for a … Read more

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Before & After: Our Victorian Attic Renovation

When we bought this turn of the century Victorian duplex in 2012, the attic captured our imagination.

First of all, it was just so creepy. Second, because there were two bedrooms up there (but no heat or bathroom, so whyyyy? We later found out that they were probably maids quarters back in the day!). And third, because it was roughly 1,000-square-feet of untapped potential.

We took a few engagement photos in the unfinished attach in 2013. Feel the romance!
Photo: Jonny Edwin

We talked about turning it into an apartment. But there were so many hoops to jump through in order to make it legal. I’d brought up this crazy idea of turning it into a big master bedroom and bath. Maybe with an office for me, and a living room that’s not filled with Legos and dolls. OMG and we could put laundry up there, too! Not hauling baskets … Read more

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What do you do purely for your own enjoyment?

Hello, friends and strangers!

Things have changed a little since I was really rippin’ and roarin’ on Hey Eleanor. Allow me to elaborate.

1. I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, and started taking medication, which has changed everything!

2. I had another baby. His name is Clark!

3. We finished the attic on our 120-year-old home and now feel like we live in a magazine. (I keep meaning to do a full post on the reno, but it’s never clean enough to take good photos… I think I’ll just do it anyhow. I mean, I couldn’t even remove the pregnancy pillow from my bed in the photo below).

4. Namakan, the company I started with my bestie, has filed for a patent (!) on our magnetic faux fur ruff. It attaches to any hood or collar. PS get 20% off your order with code HEY20!

5. I now drive … Read more

33 More Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

33 More Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

To me, summer is all about road trips.

And road trip are all about beef jerky, Twizzlers, fun playlists and podcasts.

The biggest hurdle with podcasts is finding one to listen to in the first place. There’s a gazillion out there, so how do you narrow it down?

I posed this question to a bunch of smartypants friends and got so many suggestions that I decided to split up the recs into two separate posts (here’s the last podcast suggestion post). Here’s a bunch more to add to your podcast repertoire.

*And a note on podcast etiquette*
Take the time to rate and review the podcasts that you really enjoy. That’s what boosts them in the rankings and helps interested people discover new shows.

* * *

Love, Life, Relationships, Emotions

Dear Sugar
Writers Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond answer listener’s questions about love, heartbreak, and how to … Read more

Stop waiting for "Big Events" to change your life

Want to be happier? Stop waiting for Big Events

I’ve made a lot of big changes in the last three years.

I bought a house with my boyfriend. We got engaged, then married. I quit a really great job to work for myself. My husband and I decided to have a baby (arriving July-ish).

I feel like I’m finally honing in on happiness.

But you know what? While my happiness is related to my Big Life Changes, it’s not just the house or the marriage or the job or the baby that are making me happy. It’s more that these things granted me an “excuse” to make changes I’ve thought about for years.

Let’s look at quitting my job.

When I left my full-time gig a year and a half ago, my reasoning was pretty straightforward. I wanted to build a freelance writing career, and planned on having a family in the near future. Hence, I craved … Read more