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I got the flu last week, and thus it’s basically been impossible to post anything. Luckily, the Internet is still abuzz about Missy Elliot, which is almost as good as medicine. For example, this Missy Elliot tribute video

I don’t normally give up stuff for Lent, but I do love this idea of getting rid of 40 bags of crap in the days between Fat Tuesday & Easter. Of course you can just go ahead and do that any time of year. I might start next week.  

Tired of haters? Well, guess what. Turns out some people might just be born that way.

We’ve all heard that more than 50 percent of marriages end in divorce… but maybe that’s no longer true. I’ll admit there might be some flaws in this piece, but I’m willing to believe she’s on to something. 

Does the term ‘budgeting’ kind stress you out? Me too. This method helped

Apparently, free diving can look a lot like floating through space


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