5 Ways I’m Not Saying Bye to Summer

Summer, please don't go. I was just getting to know you. 

Summer, please don’t go. I was just getting to know you. 

I know it’s technically still summer, but let’s get real: Labor Day happened, and that means I’m mentally moving toward fall. That being said, I hear Minneapolis is going to be a sunny 70-something this weekend. I’m way farther north than a lot of people, so I’ll betcha your weekend will be even nicer. With that in mind, here are five ways I’m clinging to summer.

1. Reading Summer Sisters by Judy Blume

Read this in five days. | Summer Sisters - Judy Blume

Read this in five days. | Summer Sisters – Judy Blume

I’m a mere 15 years late to this party, but let me just say I picked up this book on Monday (like Labor Day Monday) and am damn near finishing it. It’s a beach-y read that will make you wish you were 16 again. Not exactly War and Peace, but who wants to read heavy crap like that in the summer. Less embarrassing to read in public than 50 Shades of Grey, too. Judy Blume, I just can’t quit you!

2. Cranking the Tunes

I love music, but especially in the summer. Mainly, music you want to blast while driving with the windows rolled down. Here are the tunes I’m loving this summer (via Spotify). Some old, some new, some just new to me… like “Invisible Touch.” You’re going to like it. 

3. Drinking Iced Coffee

Cold brew coffee, no pumpkin nowhere! | Extraction Coffee Co. - Minneapolis

Cold brew coffee, no pumpkin nowhere! | Extraction Coffee Co. – Minneapolis

I’m just going to say what 50 percent of us are thinking: the pumpkin spice latte is overrated. I’m not giving up on my cold press coffee for no one, no how. I don’t care if the leaves start changing and overnight lows are in the 40s. Cold press tastes like summer and I want it year-round.

As an aside, Josh and I received a subscription to Extraction Coffee Co. as a wedding gift. I literally don’t know anything about the company other than the fact that some days when I leave my house, I’ll find a bottle of cold press on my stoop. You can read more about them here, but don’t tell me too many details. I’m enjoying my mystery coffee and like pretending that summertime Santa delivers it.

4. Watching Rear Window

Quite possibly the best summer movie ever. | Rear Window

Quite possibly the best summer movie ever. | Rear Window

This is a great movie to watch on a summer night. Alfred Hitchcock is my favorite movie man of all time, and in my opinion, this is his best picture. The gist: Jimmy Stewart, a famous photographer, becomes a bit of a peeping Tom after breaking his leg on the job. He spends the hot, humid summer spying on the people living in the apartments across the courtyard. All is fine and well, until he thinks he witnessed a murder. I’m not giving anything else away, but trust me when I say Hitchcock didn’t earn the moniker the Master of Suspense for nothing. 

5. Driving with My Sunroof Open

I’ll be that person until the first frost, even if it means I’m secretly blasting the heat.

* * *

How are you clinging to summer? Please share.

PS I’m considering a similar move to this one… definitely a spring-to-summer transition, but why not do it in the fall?

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Comments (5)

  • dusti 6 years ago Reply

    fall haircut? love it!

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    I need one so so so bad!

  • Sarge in Charge 6 years ago Reply
    1. "Summer Sisters" is such a juicy read. In that same vein (kinda trashy but not completely humiliating) may I recommend "The Group" and "Scruples"? "Scruples" might actually be a little embarrassing but I could not put it down.

    2. I just learned about "Invisible Touch" like two years ago. That and "Easy Lover"…. JAMS.

    P.S. I am all about short hair cuts for fall! I am trying really hard to hold off but you should do it so I can live vicariously! You definitely have the face for it.

    molly mogren katt 6 years ago Reply

    I think there was at least 6 years of my life where I personally paid for Jackie Collins’ kids’ college education. I love trashy reads!

    I can’t stop listening to Phil Collins Spotify… even though I always thought he was pretty cheesy. Now I love him & Genesis.

    Still teetering on the hair. I just don’t want to "mom out" before my time!

    Sarge in Charge 6 years ago

    That is my biggest concern with a short cut. I feel like all my clothes are drapey and neutral these days, and with the wrong short haircut it could go real "art teacher," real fast.

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